HD DVD v Blu-ray – ad nauseum

Everybody says its over, that Blu-ray won. But if anybody cares, I have a formula for resurrecting HD DVD, and I’ll share it with the world (although I’m sure somebody, or perhaps lots of somebodies, has already thought of it).

Open source it–the whole nine yards. GPL all the software specs and code/codecs , and publish the hardware specs under some similar open source license. Make it entirely patent free. There. Done. HD DVD will become the most popular disk media in the history of the world, although it will only last until we get googa-terabyte storage in holographic 3-D structures in thallium-doped gramicidin/caesium crystals that we wear as decoder rings on our fingers. And see, right here I’m establishing prior-art for holographic 3-D structures in gramicidin/caesium crystals so that we can have patent-free access to this exciting technology when it becomes available.

Now, if we could only firmly determine the origin of the phrase “the whole nine yards“.


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