Superconference 2008

I’ve been to recent Sirsidynix Superconferences, but am tending to the “no-go” for 2008. I thought last year’s event was good for content, and while luxuriating at length in a bathtub in my room that might  have been used by some semi-famous actress made for nice daydreams, the resort food options were limited and ghastly expensive (for my budget) and the location was completely isolated from the outside world. Those two issues are in my mind as I consider Detroit; while I understand that that location will probably have better access to the city and that food options will be more reasonable, I just have less enthusiasm for attending than in the past.

Here are my suggestions for 2009:

Chena Hot Springs (OK, that’s a stretch)

The Riverwalk in San Antonio

Cherokee Casino Resort in Tulsa (not sure if its big enough)

Denver – somewhere outside of downtown, driving in downtown sucks

Somewhere in the Florida Keys (check out the pics!)

Somewhere in Canada-Montreal, Quebec, Toronto or Ottawa

Maybe New Orleans?


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