More Second Life – or Less?

As part of my on again, off again at-arms-length dance with Second Life, I have just started reading the Second Life for Dummies book by Sarah Robbins and Mark Bell. Reading words is a chore for me, I do much better with pictures, but I’ve read chapters one and two; two discusses the MS and Mac operating systems and hardware requirements. Not a word on Linux. Checked the index. Not a word on Linux.

Maybe I should write a review of the book. Or maybe I should just stop reading.


3 Responses to More Second Life – or Less?

  1. Mark Bell says:

    Since the Linux client is still in the Alpha Stage, we decided to not included it after discussing it with the editors. Also the book is for beginners so we felt an alpha version of a linux client was not a wise recommendation for the readers.

  2. glowworm says:

    I still can’t believe that famous and important people read my blog. First Stephen Abram and now Mark Bell? I am certainly going to have to be nicer.

    Yes, despite my somewhat snippy comments at the end of my post I did suspect that the presumption would be that anybody using Linux would be ahead of the game and know about the Linux client. And I did continue reading and noticed in Chapter 3 that the availability of the Linux client is mentioned.

    I made a post last July about “the official guide”; the Dummies book seems to have a much better introduction to second life from what I’ve read so far. I guess having both books and using them together would be ideal.

    Well, heck, I may have to sign up for 2L someday, but I still wish Linden Labs had some type of preview/observer mode where you could walk around invisibly for a period of time and see how things work.

    Thanks for your comments Mark.

  3. Roofie says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Roofie!

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